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Have you noticed in the online space there is constant background noise going on, basically saying
“You can make money online. It's dead easy. You can make money online, press here and money comes out there”?

I've been in this make-money-online online business space since 2012 and rarely, if ever, have I seen somebody come in, press a single button and become a millionaire.

There is no real difference between running an online business and running an offline business other than the lack of on costs for premises, although you still have to pay for domains and websites call that online real estate.
There are very few restrictions on your ability to scale.

How Do You Scale?

Your ability to scale depends on two things.

  1.  product type,
  2.  your determination.

A possible third parameter is your ability to track.
Because if you can't track, you don't know where to turn the volume up or increase the pressure to enable you to scale.
Does that make sense?

It may, it may not.

Business online is exactly the same as a business in any other environment,

You have to provide a valuable product or a valuable service that solves your customer's problems.
It's as simple as that, really.

Any income or money that is produced as a result of that business is, the applause for a job well done.

I Have Worked Online Since 2012

Now, over the last eight years, I've watched people come and go in the online space and there are certain common denominators that are essential keys to success,
It's around work ethic
and mindset.
There is no magic bullet.
I found people are desperate for success, I call them the silver bullet brigade.
They're forever looking for the next best solution.
The next best thing.
Always looking for a quick fix and there isn't one.

Frustration Is The Likely Outcome

If you're in an online space trying to create a business where you don't do any work,
I am afraid you're going to become incredibly frustrated very, very quickly.
There is nowhere in the world where the money comes before work, apart from the dictionary.
I can think of nothing…well… maybe the lottery. That's a game of chance. It's not even a game of chance, really. It's just a freaky bet.

If you're serious about creating ongoing wealth and ongoing income, there are pivotal areas that you need to nail and there are certain skill sets that you're going to have to acquire.

Very early on in my move into the online space, I was struggling.
I was struggling to even open an email.
I didn't really understand how a computer worked
I needed help, so I found and paid a coach, a mentor if you like.
My coach back then was a guy called Red, who I met from the United States.
He laid it out for me:

“Look, you can start dumb.
Maybe you can't write an email.
Maybe you can't open a Word document.
They're learnable skills.
You need to learn those skills.
You need to get good at those things.
Even if you intend to outsource them  [pay other people to do them],
You need to understand the process so you can keep a check on what's being done on your behalf.”

Does that make sense?

There Are Shortcuts or more accurately Efficiencies

There are shortcuts.
There are levers that you can pull, but in the main, you really, really need to have a good work ethic, mindset, and system.
A good product.
A problem-solving product and you need to have customers.
You need to know that those customers are there, and where THERE is
Last but not least,
You really need to be able to identify your customers' needs before you even build the product.

This is A Minimum Viable Product Launch

Just because you think your product is going to solve the world's problems,doesn't mean your customers will!
You could invest two years work and never make a sale.
That's frustrating and very costly.
Worse it's very dispiriting

This is Where A coach Or Mentor Is Useful

This is where I come in.
I laser in on the four different elements to make sure that they're all in place before you go charging on, committing loads of time and, in many cases, an awful lot of money into something that is doomed to failure from the outset because you didn't do the four simple checks.

Business Without Bullshit,

  • I'm not going to just tear you apart. There's little point in that.
  • I will look for all the merit in anything that you've got going on.
  • I'll look for all the good things.We'll look at the best way to present that,
  • First and foremost, we will identify if there's a market.
  • Then after we know there's a market there,
  • I'll identify your determination and finally,
  • I'll find the thing that will keep you moving.
  • Your reason why,
  • Without you having a massive reason why you're going to do something, you'll end up quitting.
  • You won't put the work in, because it will be tough.
  • It will be tough and you need to make sure that you're going to stay the course.


Working On-Line Is Efficient, But It Isn't A Magic Show

Working online isn't like, everybody thinks,  instant.
I don't really know why, but people believe in this modern, super-fast world,
That you put a cup of coffee in the microwave and expect to travel backwards in time.{joke}
Everything's got to be that fast.
Page loads, load speeds.
You can load a page in 1.3 nanoseconds using this wonderful software.
There is no such thing as instant.
If you're building an audience,
if you're creating a product and you're trying to provide value,
instant isn't part of that equation.

Finally, In Conclusion

I bring realism and sound common sense, into an arena that is notorious for the “Get Rich Brigade” to get themselves ripped off.
I also bring ten years of online experience and nearly forty years of business management expertise.
I have also spent the last 5 years coaching people in the online space.

If anything I've said interests you, if you want to bring a proposition for me to look at, that's great.
I do an introductory two-hour coaching call for about £195, sterling.

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I don't know what that translates into other global currencies, but you can work that out yourself.

  • The result of that meeting:
  • We will form a plan of where you're going and that' could be the last time we talk, or
  • we'll formulate a plan and we'll agree to an ongoing coaching agreement and that initial payment of £195 will be taken off the overall cost of your coaching.
  • So it can be a free introductory or
  • It may be the last time you need to come and talk to me.
  • You are on your way and you say,
  • “Thank you very much,”
  • I say,
  • “Thank you very much,”
  • and that's the end of it.



So if anything I've said interests you, by all means,

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