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Trish Davies

In today's video, I'm going to be talking about a friend of mine, Trish Davies, from Trish Davies International and Build Your AU. I'll be back in a moment.

The purpose of Build Your AU is to move from a business idea to a fully branded online business that is producing income,
Income to replace your job income. Build your AU is a mastermind program, helping entrepreneurs to build their authority, their authenticity, and most importantly, their audience. Without an audience, you have nobody to share your business with.

Who is ‘Build Your AU” For?

Who is Build Your AU for? Build Your AU is for anyone who's feeling stuck.

  • For anyone that is fed at making promises to themselves that tomorrow will be different.
  • For anyone who is feeling that they need support and help and guidance to bring that business idea to fruition.
  • For anyone feeling like they need help to make that change in their life.
  • Build Your AU is for you to make a commitment and to be where you deserve to be in life.

What Does It Look Like?

So what will you be doing within Build Your AU?

You'll identify your true gifts and talents. We'll define a plan to help you achieve that which you want. You'll be taking action on the coaching provided. You'll also be keeping track so that you can monitor the results as they start happening.

Secondly, you'll be building a network.

The common denominator amongst successful people is that they have a network of supporters, cheerleaders, friends, confidants, mentors that help them on their way. Nobody does this on their own. And the process that Trish has put together is a way of bringing like-minded individuals together so that they develop a network that will benefit them going forward.


The last piece of the puzzle is communication skills. You will learn to become an influencer. Through your communication, you will learn how to deliver your story through video. You will learn how to write a book and to how to deliver your story. Most importantly, you will learn how to build your authority through multiple sources of communication.

How I Met Trish Davies

As I say, I first met Trish Davis in Toronto, back in 2015/ 2016.
We were attending an international course and we've always got on really well.
What I admire about Trish is her determination to see things through.
If Trish starts a project, it gets finished.
You don't build a global property business and a global communications business without some level of determination.
Everything Trish is teaching in this course, she's learned through trial error and just doing it.
Trish gets shit done.
I believe that's one of the most important things that you will learn.
Your story is crucial. Your authority, your authenticity, is supercritical, but until you start implementing and taking your story to your audience, things won't change.

My name is Steve Greenhalgh. Check the link that's in the description below to access Trisha's free nine-step training course.

I look forward to seeing you soon, take care.


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