Good morning, Steve Greenhalgh, In today's video, I talk about the importance of accountability. It's as much about accountability to yourself, making a commitment to yourself and seeing it through, and having the self-discipline to carry on when it gets tough, and having the self-discipline and honesty enough with yourself, to admit when you fuck up.

It's a short video, and it talks about my own weight loss journey and the struggles I've had with it, especially over this last year. There have been so many reasons to just not bother, but it's time to get control. In my pursuit of that control, I will use accountability and honesty with trusted mentors that will hold me accountable to that which I say I am going to achieve.

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Live From Lockerbie Truckstop

Good morning. How are you? Sitting at Lockerbie Truckstop. Thought I'd come this way for a change. That's a way from Cairn Lodge. I'm going to go A66 and A1 going back down. Just swapped round, coming down empty so straight into the R, I don't have to go to the airport, so should finish an hour early tonight, which will be great. And how's your week? How are things going? How's your weight? I had one of those gut-check moments where you catch a glimpse of yourself where you don't really think you're looking at you.

When You See Yourself In The Mirror

And I was at, I think Cairn Lodge yesterday. And I just caught a view of myself out the corner of my eye in the mirror and where I've not had a tummy for about 18 months. And it was hard going back in time. There's this shelf sticking out into my boobs and there are boobs, and I'm about two stone outside target. And I keep telling myself, Oh, I'll get 'round to it. Well, I'm not doing, and I don't really know why. So I got in touch with my Slimming World consultant and said, look, I've got to draw a line in this. If I don't get a grip, now I'm just going to keep making excuses and do nothing. And she said, well, the good news is, you've recognized that there's an issue and you've spoken about it.

Take Yourself Seriously

And you've spoken about it to somebody who will do something about it with you. Cause I've mentioned it to Judy a couple of the times, but it's like, she's got enough problems of her own with this long COVID crap. And she's just not feeling right. This is oh no, you look fine. You look fine. You're getting better. And I'm seriously not. So by talking to Tony about it and flagging it up and being honest, we can start working and start working out where I'm going wrong and why I'm not doing what I need to do to get this weight back into control. And I had a bit of a traumatic fortnight work-wise, and I thought I was going to go and lose my job, end up with a big bill, I really screwed up with the truck and that's a different story, but historically, I'd have dealt with that problem by hitting the booze.

I KNOW I need To Stay Off The Booze!

And when it was over and I celebrated by really caning it. And when I say caning it, I mean going to Tesco's and getting twenty cans of Stella and demolishing them in a night. Maybe having a bottle of Brandy alongside them and just really putting myself to sleep. And I don't do that anymore. And I think that I still like a drink, but I'm not a drunk as I used to be. And it makes a huge difference, especially when you're trying to control your weight. And it was, I think I had three Morettis on Friday night and I had a real little party.
Judy came through the kitchen, I've got Alexa playing rock and roll music. And I've got a bet with Jake on my own clearing decks, prepping the food for the triple North. He said you can tell, you've put your worries to bed because you're happy you're having a jig.

Happy Wife Happy Life

You're having a dance, you're doing your food prep. It's really good. Really pleased. So that was that. And then Valentine's day was Sunday, obviously, and I'm on the road to Aberdeen. So we had a quiet meal on Saturday night, and I said, have what you want, let's order in. And Judy plumps for pizza.


So we have pizza and the environment was nice at home. We've got the fire going, Had another couple of Morettis, three, with the pizza. I used to really live pizza and we got it from a place in Ashburn. And I'm not going to say which one, because I don't want to give them a bad rap, but didn't like, just takes too greasy, stodgy really didn't enjoy it. And I think I'd have rather hard, a nice sort of Slimming World-type Curry with proper food and nice veg. And the pizza just didn't enjoy it, which is great because that's another habit dealt with because I'd have eaten all mine or hers, all the garlic bread and gone off in the kitchen and done myself a bowl of cereal as well.

Just Start Doing The Work

So we're on the right track. We're in the ballpark. So I've started rowing again, got to get that back up to three clicks a day. I do 15 minutes now, and I'm about two meters, 700. So about 300 meters off pace, but that'll come back and I'm maintaining the right power. So everything's in place. I just need to do the work.

And I think that's the major revelation and going forward if any of you are struggling, I think to keep yourself accountable, having somebody that you can be totally honest with and say, I screwed up and acknowledging it, and taking the time to go through what you've eaten and highlighting the things that maybe aren't as good for you as they should be. If you need me to hold you accountable, just reach out, happy to help anybody. If you've got any issues with food or what you can eat, what you can't eat, what you should do, how you shouldn't do it. That's what this group is all about. It's all about supporting you.

If anything I've said interests you, by all means,

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