Welcome To Stuck In A Truck: From Fat Ass To Bad Ass

Hi, welcome to StuckinaTruck. Welcome to From Fat Ass To Bad Ass. Whatever the hell does that mean?

Well, as you've probably seen from my pictures and images on this website and in the Facebook group, I used to be real fat ass, real big guy.

This section of the website used to be mainly about weight loss, but it's much more now about defining who you are, looking for a reason why you want to do something.

It can be anything really.

You know, people have these dreams and desires and it's very difficult to achieve something without you really understanding the underlying reason why.

What my superpower is, if you want to call it that or what I specialize in is, helping people home in on why they need to do something.

What Are Your Needs And Desires?

What it is about them, what it is about YOUR needs and YOUR desires.

Why is it important to you?

I have a little questionnaire, the five why's, and I keep asking, “Yeah, but why, why, why?”

And when we've asked why five times we get to the real reason, but I'll come onto that in another video, okay?

If we can define why we get to know HOW.

That was what got me from being a fat ass to a real badass.

Let's Look At The Stats

Now I used to be 25 and a half stone, which kilos wise God, probably 140, 150 kilos.

No, it's more than that, I've lost 70, 72. So, 72 as a third.

So 210, 215 kilos is what I used to weigh.

I've lost about 72, I'm down about 140 now.

Which is I've lost 154 pounds, in English.

Which is, as a person, my wife weighs less than that.

My wife weighs about 60 kilos and I've lost nearly 70.

I've gone from a 56-inch waist down to 34.

This Bad-Ass Gets Up On Stage

Now I was attending an international conference for business, a momentum day, for business owners.

The guy who was running the event wanted to use my weight loss as an example of knowing why, and being determined.

I'd given the guy Stuart, some images to share from the stage to allow him to use me as an example.

Then without any preparation at all, halfway through the talk he said,

“I think this guy's in the room, Steve Greenhalgh, you badass get up here and share your story.”

Well, I'd never considered myself a badass or anything.

I didn't really know what a badass was.

My Why Gave Me The Clarity I Was Looking For

Now looking back and at the time, my weight loss journey wasn't that hard.

Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of work involved.

I've struggled with weight and being overweight probably for years.

Also, I've done so many different diets and variations of, can I do this?

Can I do that?

How do I do this?

Where do I find that fucking answer?

None of it mattered until I really honed in on why I was doing it?

Oh, if I don't lose weight I'm going to die. Well, there's a motivation, right?

I Also Had Many Other Why's

  • I didn't want to be the beached whale at my daughter's wedding.
  • I didn't want to be the fat sweaty kid anymore.
  • I didn't want to lose my vocation license.
  • I didn't want to lose the respect to my family.
  • I wanted to be able to go for a walk with my wife.
  • I wanted to see my grandkids.
  • They hadn't even been born!

When you put all those things together, you get a really good reason to keep going.

So, the whole point of fat ass to badass is about helping you get clarity.

Because when you know why, how becomes easy.

When you know why you will find out how I promise you.

The thing is if you don't know why you'll never get out starting blocks.

If You Don't Know Your Why, You Will Quit!

Whatever you're trying to do, if you haven't got a good enough reason, the first obstacle that you face, you'll quit.

The first time it gets hard, you'll give up on yourself, on you.

Not anybody else, you just give up on you and that's so crap.

You're worth more than that, you really are worth so much more.

So, if you want to really get a handle on where you're going and why you need to be there, you need to book a call.

We'll then explore what's going on with your life?

Where you want to be? Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

More Importantly, Why Does It Matter?

  • Why does it matter to you that you want to be somewhere different?
  • Why does it matter that you want to change who you are?
  • Why does it matter that who you are isn't measuring up?
  • Why does it matter that after all the years you've spent working, it feels like there's no point?

Then You Find Out HOW!

There's always a point and when we find out why you will find out how I promise you!

Because when you find out why, how is easy. Easy honestly, how is easy?

It's just a question of doing the work and the one thing I know about you is, you've got a great work ethic and you never quit.

Go make the appointment, press the button underneath this video or at the bottom of the description. I'll see you on the other side, all right?

I look forward to meeting you and I hope you look forward to meeting the you that you can truly become, all right? Take care.

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I hope that helps. Develop that positive mindset for success.

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This is Steve from stuckinatruck.com.

You take care.

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