4 Weeks … 2 pounds a week… will see me at 14 1/2 stone!

The Date it will happen 31.05.2018

Target Weight is in sight….

What is more exciting… The Non – Scale Victory

Since starting with Slimming World, I had always hesitated to fix a target…

I always said I just wanted to reach a size of 34″ waist… to be a bit more specific,

That size waist, had to be in clothes, from Marks & Spencers!

Check Out This Non Scale Victory


So having hit the 7stone award I thought it was time to check out my vital stats at Marks n Sparks!

29th April, is my birthday … and I knew Judi had booked me a back massage, at The Raddison Blu, up at the airport  … but before that I wanted to get to M n S to check my girth!

So we went down to Tamworth, our nearest store.

I picked three different lines 2 slacks and a pair of jeans…( If you do not know what slacks are YOU are too young to read this!)

Guess what They ONLY F*&#ing FIT…

OK so fit is a bit of an ambiguous term!

Yes they go on, and yes I can breath, yes there is a bit of a muffin top going on …


I am the proud owner of three pairs of strides

  • all 34″ Waist
  • All M n S Own Brand
  • All with shrinkage room
  • But they are ON!

The Magic Of Goal Setting

I could never have achieved this goal if I had NOT Set it…

Sound too Obvious? May be, but sometimes we look at things so closely, we miss the blindingly obvious.

I wrote this and all my other goals down and kept them fresh in my mind…

You no doubt have seen, (and been annoyed by) the hash tags I use when posting an accountability picture …

 #slimfit #weddingweight #34inchwaist #youcan #IFYOUTHINKYOUCAN
#slimmingworld #onit #lovelife and #consistent #foodporn #bodymagic – honing the chin and the tummy especially the tummy #stuckinatruck
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I know some of you wonder about #hash tags and why I use them …

  1. It keeps the goals fresh in my mind
  2. It lets others trying to achieve similar goals find me and I them
  3. My accountability partners can find my posts
  4. Those posts are not showing off

Here is how that works :-

  1. I set my goals and share them with my accountability partners.
  2. I then reverse engineer the route I or things I need to do to achieve the goals
  3. I then share with my partners what I intend to do each day to achieve the goals,
  4. If they do not see that I have shared my daily/weekly activity proofs I have to pay them an agreed forfeit.

Sound Tough? It is … But who said getting what you would be easy…

Where in this world does getting what you come before putting the work in?

No where I have found…

I wonder if like me you avoid setting goals because you are scared of missing the target…

What I found though… is

  • In setting the goal
  • It showed me the work
  • I could break down into daily tasks
  • If I did those
  • Even if I missed
  • I was closer than I ever would have been

1 last video for you … You May have seen it already on facebook



You Know I always Recommend Slimming World

Have you followed that recommendation yet?
I would have to ask …

How serious are you about getting your weight under Control?

If you are serious … start taking the steps I have laid out in my blog…

I am not writing this purely as entertainment. It is designed to help and guide you…
At some point though YOU will need to get off the fence and start taking action.

I am truly happy to help, so

Please get in touch when ever you need a chat …

Stuckinatruck.com was started for just this purpose … please use it

Remember you can email me anytime at steve@steve-greenhalgh.com

I am always happy to hear from you and to help you with genuine weight challenges

I always recommend Slimming World

Because …

  • If You Do The Work,
  • It Works!

Here's to your continued success… BUT lets NOT kid Ourselves